UHMW Stock


A polyethylene with a molecular weight of 3.1 million or higher. UHMW has outstanding abrasion resistance, a low coefficient of friction, and high impact strength. It also has excellent chemical resistance.

Materials Available:

Rod Size:
  • 0.250” and larger

Sheet/Plate Thickness:
  • 0.0625” and larger

Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is the Highest Quality Polyethylene Plastic Solution


UHMW-PE is the highest quality polyethylene (PE) plastics solution on the market. It is a tough, wear resistant plastic that combines an incredibly low coefficient of friction with outstanding impact strength. It has been specifically engineered to withstand the most grueling jobs.

UHMW-PE is an outstanding bearing material with exceptional sliding properties and remains tough even at low temperatures. When run through ASTM tests, UHMW-PE physical properties include:

  • .930 g/cm3 Specific Gravity
  • 3100 psi Tensile strength at yield 73° F
  • 350% Elongation at break
  • Hardness 62-66 Shore D
  • 275° – 280° F Melting point


UHMW-PE is preferred by industrial engineers for its many benefits, including:

  • low coefficient of friction
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • high-impact strength (will not break or shatter)
  • superior chemical resistance
  • FDA and USDA accepted
  • broad temperature range (-450° to +180° F)
  • little or no moisture absorption
  • noise resistance
  • easy to machine

The chemical resistance and a broad temperature range of UHMW-PE make it the perfect choice for engineers in a variety of industries such as conveyor and bulk material handling. The excellent abrasion and chemical resistance of UHMW-PE, in addition to the ability to absorb noise, makes it ideal for applications such as star wheels and corner guides, chain and belt guides, idler sprockets, guide rails and rollers, and bin and mixer linings.

Today’s high-speed conveyors demand surfaces with low coefficient of friction combined with excellent impact and abrasion resistance. Because of this, UHMW-PE is ideal for straight and curved tracks, wear strips and guide rails, rollers and roller sleeves, gears and sprockets, and pillow blocks. UHMW-PE performs with remarkably low friction in the packaging industry and is extremely durable in the food and beverage, bottling, and canning industries.

UHMW-PE is a highly versatile polymer that can be designed and formulated for your industrial needs. Seeger stocks UHMW-PE in natural white and in rod and 48” x 120” sheets, both of which can be cut to customer specific sizes. 

With over 136 years of experience, Seeger Metals and Plastics is your non-ferrous metal and mechanical plastic supplier. We have extensive knowledge of UHMW-PE and will find the right material for your job, no matter how big or small your order.