C95400 – Aluminum Bronze Stock

C95400 – Aluminum Bronze

Using the qualities of both Aluminum and Bronze the C95400 combines both properties of strength and corrosion resistance. As a hard, strong and abrasion resistant alloy this works well for components used in high stress and high friction environments.  These physical properties remain effective even at elevated temperatures.

Aluminum Bronze C95400 comes in round, hollow, square, and rectangle bronze rods, bronze tubes, and bronze bars.

Chemistry Composition:

Cu Al Fe
85% 11% 4%


Bearings, Bushings, Valve Bodies, Worm Gears

Chemistry Specification::



Shape Diameter (inch)
Round Starting at 0.500″
Tubes Starting at 0.750″ ID x 1.250″ OD
Square Starting at 0.500″
Rectangle Starting at 0.250″ x 1.000″

Minimum Mechanical Properties*:

Tensile (PSI) Yield (PSI) % Elongation BHN
85000 32000 12 170
 *Minimum properties are not to be used for design or specification

C95400 Aluminum Bronze is Your Non-Lead Green Alloy, High Strength Solution


C95400 Aluminum Bronze is the highest strength standard copper based alloy. It uses qualities of both aluminum and bronze, combining strength and corrosion resistance. As a hard, strong, and abrasion resistant alloy, it works well for components used in low speed, high stress, high load bearing, and high friction applications.

C95400 Aluminum Bronze physical properties remain effective even at elevated temperatures up to 750°F, operating intermittently to 1200°F. Minimum operating temperature is -450°F. The compressive strength of C95400 at 500°F is the same as tin bronzes at room temperature. When run through ASTM tests, C95400 Aluminum Bronze continuous cast minimum mechanical properties include:

  • 85,000 psi Tensile Strength
  • 32,000 psi Yield Strength
  • 12% Elongation
  • 170 Brinell Hardness (Bhn)

C95400 Aluminum Bronze has good soldering and brazing and machinable properties. It is resistant to wear under shock and load. It also has acceptable gas shielded arc welding and coated metal arc welding properties but it is not recommended for oxyacetylene welding. C95400 requires hardened steel shafts and constant lubrication of grease, graphite, or molybdenum-disulfide.

C95400 Aluminum Bronze is available in round, hollow, square, and rectangle bronze rods, bronze tubes, and bronze bars. Its shapes, with diameters starting at, include:

  • 0.500” in round
  • 0.750” ID x 1.250” OD in tubes
  • 0.500” in square
  • 0.250” x 1.000” in rectangle

C95400 Aluminum Bronze is available in either cast or heat-treated condition.

C95400 Aluminum Bronze is ideal for automotive weld guns, heavy earth moving equipment, roll neck bearings, and fasteners including nuts and large hold down screws. It is also used in covers for marine hardware and ship building, as well as ordnance government fittings. It is typically used in industrial settings including:

  • Bushings
  • High strength clamps, gears, valves, bearings, pawl, and valve bodies
  • Landing gear parts
  • Pressure blocks and bearing segments for the steel industry
  • Valve seats and valve guides
  • Pickling hooks
  • Spur gears
  • Heavily loaded worm gears
  • Pump parts

C95400 Aluminum Bronze is your solution for high tensile and yield strength jobs. In addition to good machinability and weldability and its excellent corrosion resistance, C95400 is compliant with key legislation including: Federal Safe Drinking Water Act 1974 – SDWA; Federal Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act 2011; and California AF1953.

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