C87850 – ECO BRONZE Stock



ECO BRONZE C87850 is a tough, wear resistant, and lead free bearing material with excellent machinability, superior impact, and compressive strength.

C87850 Attributes:

  • Lead-Free, Arsenic-Free, Bismuth Free
  • Equivalent coefficient of friction
  • Non-galling
  • Superior wear
  • Does not get brittle at high temperatures
  • Superior impact and compressive strength
  • Excellent machinability
  • Excellent dezincification resistance
  • Weight savings
  • Recyclable

C87850 comes in round, hollow, and rectangle bronze rods, bronze bars, and bronze tubes.

Chemistry Composition:

Cu Si P Pb Fe Sn Ni Mn Sb Zn
75.0-78.0% 2.7-3.4% 0.05-0.20% 0.09% max 0.10% max 0.30% max 0.20% max 0.10% max 0.10% max Remainder

Chemistry Specification:



Round 0.500″-12.000″
Tube Starting at 0.500″ ID x 1.000″ OD
Rectangle Contact Seeger Metals & Plastics

Minimum Mechanical Properties:

Tensile (PSI) Yield (PSI) % Elongation
65000 25000 8

ECO BRONZE C87850 Is Engineered for Performance

ECO BRONZE® C87850 Is a versatile lead-free alloy that can be used in many wear applications including bushings, bearings, gears, worm gears etc.  ECO BRONZE bearings have been independently tested through multiple independent laboratories and has proven to be as good or better that the traditional wear alloys.   ECO BRONZE continuous cast and centrifugal cast product offers excellent machinability, resistance to galling, good wear characteristics vs C932 and C954, high tensile strength equivalent 303 annealed stainless, excellent compressive strength, and its static and dynamic coefficient of friction is similar to C93200 (SAE660).  Best of all, it is lead-free and 100% recyclable and is RoHS compliant .

Adding to ECO BRONZE versatility, it is also ideal for use in water and potable water applications. It is often used in water carrying devices including valves bodies, valve stems, valve balls, water meter body, agriculture pipe, fire protection devices, shower valves etc. because of its superior dezincification and stress corrosion resistance. It easily welds, solders, and brazes, and accepts plating.

In addition to excellent brazing and soldering, ECO BRONZE C87850 has good butt welding, seam welding, oxyacetylene welding, and spot welding capabilities.

ECO BRONZE C87850 mechanical properties include:

  • 65 KSI Tensile Strength (minimum)
  • 25 KSI Yield Strength (minimum)
  • 8% Elongation (in 2in. or 50mm minimum)
  • 103 Brinell Hardness (500 lb load)

ECO BRONZE C87850 physical properties include:

  • 0.300 lb/cu in. Density
  • 1616° F Melting point – Liquidus
  • 1571° F Melting point – Solidus

ECO BRONZE C87850 is available in round, hollow, and rectangle bronze rods, bronze bars, and bronze tubes. Requests for rectangle sizes must be special ordered by contacting Seeger Metal and Plastics. Diameters for round and tube include:

  • 0.500” – 12.000” in round
  • Starting at 0.500” ID x 1.000” OD in tubes

ECO BRONZE C87850 is a commonly used in water supply devices, faucets, valves, pipe fittings, and precision parts. It has been engineered to operate under demanding requirements making it the superior choice in pump components. It is an ideal substitute for stainless steel, shafts, screws, and bearings. It is also used in electronic parts as well as automotive parts.

ECO BRONZE C87850 has endured many independent tests to prove its suitability. Each time, this bronze alloy offers superior performance as a quality bearing material. It is the lead-free solution to the standard C93200 leaded bronze alloy.

With over 136 years of experience, Seeger Metals and Plastics is your non-ferrous metal and mechanical plastic supplier. We have extensive knowledge of ECO BRONZE C87850 and stock availability. We are committed to responsive customer service and will find the right material for your job, no matter how big or small your order.