C11000 – Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) Stock

C11000 – Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP)

110 Copper is a Practical and Beautiful Solution

C11000 Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) is the most common copper product on the market. It is also referred to as Copper Alloy 110 or C110 Copper and is 99.9% copper. Its conductivity, corrosion resistance, and ductility, in addition to its durability, aesthetic appeal, and excellent finishing properties allow it to be used in many applications.

One of the most remarkable qualities of C110 Copper is its high electrical conductivity, with a rating of 100+ % IACS. It is easy to use and has excellent corrosion resistance to weathering, including soil, which make it great for water and underground conditions.

C110 Copper has good soldering properties; however, it has a poor machinability rating. It is not easily gas welded or high-temperature brazed because it suffers from embrittlement or “gassing” when heating in a reducing atmosphere.

The recommended hot working temperature for C110 Copper is 1400°-1600°F. It has an annealing temperature of 700°-1200°F. Physical properties include:

  • 0.322 lb./in³ at 68°F Density 
  • 1981°F Melting Point (Liquidus)
  • 1949°F Melting Point (Solidus, Eutectic)
  • Forgeability Rating 65
  • Machinability Rating 20

Chemistry Composition:

Min 99.90


Shape Diameter (inch)
Round Starting at 0.125″
Square Starting at 0.250
Rectangle Starting at 0.125″ x 0.500″
Sheet Starting at 0.021″ (36″ x 96″ standard sheet size)