C93200 – SAE 660 - Bearing Bronze Stock

C93200 – SAE 660 – Bearing Bronze

C93200 is an SAE 6660 Bearing Bronze and a general purpose alloy for bearings, bushings, and washers

C93200 Attributes:

  • Good strength and wear resistance
  • Good anti-friction properties
  • Good Machinability and load carrying ability
 C93200 Bronze comes in round, hollow, and rectangle bronze rods, bronze bars, and bronze tubes.

Chemistry Composition:

Cu Sn Pb Zn
83 7 7 3


Bushings, Bearings, Trust Washers

Chemistry Specification::



Shape Diameter (inch)
Round Starting at 0.375
Tubes Starting at 1.000″ ID x 1.500″ OD
Rectangle Starting at 0.250″ x 2.000″

Minimum Mechanical Properties*:

Tensile (PSI) Yield (PSI) % Elongation BHN
35000 20000 10 55-65
 *Minimum properties are not to be used for design or specification