C93200 – SAE 660 - Bearing Bronze Stock

C93200 – SAE 660 – Bearing Bronze

C93200 is an SAE 6660 Bearing Bronze and a general purpose alloy for bearings, bushings, and washers

C93200 Attributes:

  • Good strength and wear resistance
  • Good anti-friction properties
  • Good Machinability and load carrying ability
 C93200 Bronze comes in round, hollow, and rectangle bronze rods, bronze bars, and bronze tubes.

Chemistry Composition:

Cu Sn Pb Zn
83 7 7 3


Bushings, Bearings, Trust Washers

Chemistry Specification::



Shape Diameter (inch)
Round Starting at 0.375
Tubes Starting at 1.000″ ID x 1.500″ OD
Rectangle Starting at 0.250″ x 2.000″

Minimum Mechanical Properties*:

Tensile (PSI) Yield (PSI) % Elongation BHN
35000 20000 10 55-65

 *Minimum properties are not to be used for design or specification


C93200 is Your Wear Solution

C93200 Bearing Bronze is an all-purpose alloy for bearings, bushings, and washers. It is also known as SAE 660, SAE 660 bronze, or SAE 660 bearing bronze. Its strength, wear resistance, and anti-friction properties make it an excellent solution for wear applications.    

One of C93200 Bearing Bronze’s most remarkable qualities is its long-life span. This quality, in addition to being less dependent on lubrication, make it a superior alloy for bushing and bearing applications. 

C93200 Bearing Bronze has excellent soldering properties. It has good strength, wear resistance, and anti-friction properties. It also has a good machinability and brazing rating. It is not easily welded in oxyacetylene, gas shielded arc, or coated metal arc techniques. C93200 Bearing Bronze has good load carrying ability, has suitable thermal conductivity, and is not subject to dezincification.

Physical properties of C93200 Bearing Bronze include:

  • 35,000 psi Minimum Tensile Strength
  • 20,000 psi Minimum Yield Strength
  • 10% Minimum Elongation (in 2”)
  • 55 – 65 Brinell Hardness
  • 0.322 lb/in3 at 68°F Density 
  • 1790°F Melting Point (Liquidus)
  • 1570°F Melting Point (Solidus, Eutectic)

C93200 Bearing Bronze is typically utilized in the automotive industry for fittings. It is also used in industrial settings for a variety of applications including, but not limited to: thrust washers, pumps, bushings, machine parts, main spindle bearings, machine tool bearings, trunion bearings, roll neck bearings, bearings for cranes, rolling mill bearings, linkage bushings for presses, fuel pump bushings, water pump bushings, diesel engine wrist pin bushings, pump fixtures, insert bearings, hydraulic press main lining, hydraulic press stuffing box, forging press toggle lever bearings, and pump impellers.

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